Become a WordPress Wiz Affiliate

If you're interested in promoting any of my products, the following resources can be used to help advertise to your audience effectively. My products are offered exclusively through the ClickBank Marketplace. Before you can begin promoting my products, you'll need to create a free account with ClickBank. Once your account is set up, come back to this page and generate a hoplink, which is the personalized link you will use to track any visitors you have sent to my product. If any of those visitors decide to buy my product within a couple weeks, you will receive a large commission of the purchase price. ClickBank will send you a check with your earnings every couple of weeks per their accounting policy. If you would like, you can learn more about promoting products through ClickBank.

Promotion Methods

You can promote my products using a variety of methods:

  • Drop banners or text links onto your existing website or blog.
  • Include your hoplink in emails delivered to your mailing list.
  • Drive traffic to your hoplink using Pay Per Click advertising (like Google AdWords).
  • Drop in your hoplink when submitting relevant entries to an article database.
  • If you're registered with a forum, include your hoplink in your signature (if the moderators permit it).

Hoplink Generator

To generate your hoplink, just provide me with your ClickBank nickname using the form below. You can begin directing traffic to your hoplink and earning commissions immediately.

Your ClickBank Nickname: 

Banner Ads

Right-click the banner that would best fit your advertising space and save them image to your computer. Upload the banner, drop it on your site and link it to the hoplink you generated above.